I am so enjoying doing online shows. They are different from doing in person shows, but I still get to hear what people think of my new work and meet new friends. Here are the pieces from the September Artisan Souls Gallery show.

You can see some of my latest work in my shop.

If you want to see all the amazing artists and artwork that is being presented through the gallery, go to facebook.com/groups/artisticsoulsgallery.

Reds, pinks and cream silver pendant by Dona Miller.

Sending Love – SOLD

Pinks and reds have been calling to me… colors of love. Mixing that with the crazy fires that are producing grey smoke and red skies, I chose this piece of Moroccan Jasper to reflect this odd time we are living through. Every day I am checking on loved ones and sending them love, hoping they come through this as unscathed as possible. So this piece… Sending Love


Petite silver pendant in creams and browns by Dona Miller.

A Bit Off Balance – SOLD

Polish flint reminds me of wind-swept fields in the fall. I always feel a little off balance in the fall as things are changing and getting reason for the season to come. Here the air is switching between crisp and clear, hazy and smokey, and back again. The hazy days put me on edge, and the clear days bring a calming, invigorating energy. So this petite pendent is… A Bit Off Balance


Silver and turquoise earrings by Dona Miller.

Tilt – Available 4 Ravens Gallery

Turquoise is one of my all-time favorite stones, and one of the first stones I worked with when I started creating jewelry. Turquoise brings the energies of healing and protection which is perfect for those days that we are feeling a little off, or better yet, every day.

The earrings are created using tarnish resistant sterling silver with sterling silver ear wires.


Silver pendant in peaches and cream by Dona Miller

Textured Love – availble at 4 Ravens Gallery

Love is never smooth; it is rich with textures. Some difficult, some exciting, some surprising and some dependable. We all cycle through all the different textures as we navigate our lives, bring joy, sorrow, learning, growth. Life is always fulfilling if we open ourselves to all the textures of love.


Side by Side Silver Textured Earrings

Side by Side – available at Grizzly Claw Gallery

Who walks by your side daily, supporting you? Do you support yourself? Others? 

These earrings are created from tarnish resistant sterling silver. They are a total of 2 1/4 inches long. The drop is 1 3/4 inch long.