I am currently only scheduling one on one classes in my studio in Joseph, OR. I occasionally schedule classes in Sue’s studio in Missoula.


Classes in the studios are generally limited to three people. You can register or schedule classes by contacting me at info @ donamiller.com or 541.362.1237. Watch here for upcoming classes or contact me with your interests.  

If you have a special class request or want to schedule a private or small group class contact me. A class list of many of the standard classes I teach can be found here to give you ideas. 

For more advanced classes, these are often taught one on one in my studio. So if there is a specific technique you want learn, or specific project you want help on, let me know and we can get that scheduled too. 


If you have a specific project you would like to create, a wedding band, earrings with the beautiful stones you found at a gem show… We can do that too. These are generally scheduled as private sessions where I help you through the project, earning the skills specific to your project. Contact me at studio @ donamiller.com.

Sue’s Studio – Missoula, MT

You can sign up for the following classes by contacting me at info @ donamiller.com.

March 28 – Bezel Setting Angular and Irregular Stones – FULL

April 18 – Bezel Setting Angular and Irregular Stones – FULL

TBD – Prong Setting Rose Cut and Cabochons 

The Lifelong Learning Center – Missoula, MT

You can sign up for the following classes at The Lifelong Learning Center by going to their web page thelifelonglearningcenter.com or calling (406) 549-8765.

Copper bezel set earrings

Bezel Set Earrings – April 16

Learn to create simple bezel set earrings using standard cut cabachons and settings. Create your own style of  earring, solder the setting on, set the stone, and you have a something new to wear or give to a friend or family member.

Intro to Soldering Class. Dona Miller Studio

Intro to Soldering  – April 17

Learn the basics of soldering along with tips and tricks to make the process easier. You will learn sweat-soldering, butt-soldering and pick-soldering techniques as well as trouble shooting techniques to solve your soldeirng problems. 

Folded cuff class example

Folded Cuffs – May 7

This two part cuff design allows a lot of design options. Come learn the basics and then let your imagination guide you to your own designs. 

basic metal smithing class samples

Basic Metal Smithing – May 8

In this one day class you will learn how to: cut and pierce with a jewelers saw; use hammers to texture metal with all sorts of material, including stamps, wire, and even lace; and create cold connections using rivets and eyelets.  You will use these skills to cut designs in sheet metal, texture the metal and make connections to create at least one pendent.  We will be working with copper and silver.

tab set necklace example for class

Tab Set Cabochon – June 4

We will create a simple tab set pendant in class and talk about different ways to use this technique in more complex designs. 

spinner ring example for class

Spinner Ring – June 5

In this one day class you will learn how to create the main band for the ring, the accent rings that slide around the main ring and how to flare the edges so the spin rings stay in place. 

Josephy Center – Joseph, OR

You can sign up for the following classes at The Josephy Center by going to their web page thelifelonglearningcenter.com or calling (541) 432-0505.

enamel earrings class samples

Adding Color with Enameling – April 24

Add color to your designs!  Discover the uses of opaque and translucent enamels with copper.   Learn different design techniques, and how to torch fire your pieces.  We will also discuss safety in handling enamels.  At the end of the class you will have multiple enameled pieces to make earrings or charms out of.