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Classes in: Traditional Metal Smithing, Modern Metal Clay and Jewelry Business

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Traditional Metal Smithing Classes

We offer basic metal smithing classes through more advanced techniques including stone setting.

In the basic classes, learn the properties of metals, the right tools for the job, which metals are best for which types of projects and so much more.

As you progress, keep adding new skills that can be incorporated into your work.

traditional metal work pendant examples
Precious Metal Clay

We offer metal clay classes to help you navigate the different types of clay and what type of projects they are good for, and learn the basics of how to work effectively with the clay. We also teach advanced techniques, including methods to combine with metal smithing and traditional stones setting techniques.

sample metal clay pendants
New News:

The website for Dona Miller Studio has changed. If you are here you now know that it has been integrated back into my main website. I am hoping that with only one website to manage I can spend more time creating content that will be helpful for both you my students and my customers. Wish me luck. 

And we continue on…

Everyone is getting impacted from the cronovirus. Some more than others. Our in person classes have been limited. I am teaching at The Lifelong Learning Center in Missoula, Montana as well as the Josephy Center is Joseph, Oregon. I am also doing one on one classes in my studio. Stay healthy and safe. And as always if you have questions or suggestions let me know.

We have moved!

If you haven’t heard yet, we moved to Joseph, Oregon this past year. 


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