Available Classes


This is a partial listing of classes I offer to give you some ideas.

I teach these classes at my studio. Some of the classes I also teach at other locations. More advanced classes are generally taught at my studio.

I can also tailor the classes to your specific needs. Or we can toss the list out and just focus on what you want to learn during a class.

Classes in my studio are generally limited to one to three people. You can register or schedule a class by contacting me at studio @ donamiller.com or 541.362.1237.

Types of Classes

There are four types of classes available: Technique based classes, project based classes, custom classes, and “You Create” classes.

Technique classes focus on specific techniques and build upon one another to create a body of skills that can be used to create jewelry. Past the introduction or basic classes, these will have prerequisites for skills that you need to be familiar with.

Project based classes focus on techniques needed to complete the project. These classes will often have prerequisites of basic skills.

Custom classes are often a combination of technique and project. If you want to focus on creating a specific type of jewelry and have the basic skills, then this is for you as we can customize the projects and what skills you are learning.

You Create classes are project based classes. This is for you if you want to create something very specific, like a wedding band, or set the really cool stones you found at a gem show. Here I see you through all the steps needed to create the piece. Basic skills are definitely helpful. I will guide you through any new techniques specific to the project.


Metal Smithing Classes – Techniqued Based

basic metal smithing

intro to soldering

finishing and polishing

working with Argentium

keum boo

Metal Smithing Classes – Project Based

meditation / fidget / spinner ring

bezel set ring

embellished stack rings

granulation and fused earrings

torch and hammer earrings

Metal Smithing Classes – Stone Setting

bezel setting

  • bezel setting for round and oval stones
  • bezel setting for angular and irregular stones
  • heavy wall bezel setting

flush settings

tube settings

prong setting

  • simple prong setting
  • basket setting for flat backed stones
  • prong setting for cabochons and rose cut stones
  • prong setting for round brillian cut

tab settings

Metal Clay Classes

intro to Precious Metal Clay

setting stones in pmc

bezel setting round and oval stones

bezel setting angular and irregular stones

free form tab settings

free form prong settings

PMC rings

PMC and Argentium