This is my second show in the gallery. I am looking forward to offering the following pieces. 

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Out of the Darkness - Picasso Marble Onyx. Dona Miller Designs, LLC

Out of the Darkness – SOLD

One of the beautiful things about the darkness, is the light always breaks through. We seem to have a lot of darkness in our world right now, but there are also beautiful things happening that is bringing the light back into our lives.

Pendant is approximately 2 1/4” h x 1” w, chain is 24 inch. (Buyer has the option to change length of chain to 18, 20 or 30 inch). Tarnish resistant Sterling Silver, Picasso Marble from Utah, Onyx. Sterling Silver Chain.

Striking a new Balance - silver peach moonstone. Dona Miller Designs, LLC

Striking a New Balance – SOLD

This has been a crazy year with most of us trying to keep a lot of balls in the air while trying to find a new normal to balance our lives in. It has been both beautiful and frustrating for most of us.

These earrings in tarnish resistant sterling silver and peach moonstones are for reminding us that we can find a new balance as we grow and adapt to our changing environments.

Earrings are approximately 2 3/8” long, the drop on the earring is 2” h long. Tarnish resistant Sterling Silver, Peach Moonstone, ear wires are sterling silver.

All About the Journey - silver earrings. Dona Miller Designs, LLC

All about the Journey – SOLD

It is not about the destination, but enjoying the journey along the way. And no matter how indirect our paths might appear we are always where we are supposed to be and can change directions.

Made with tarnish resistant sterling silver on sterling silver ear wires.

Earrings are approximately 2 5/8” long, the drop on the earring is 2 1/4” long. Tarnish resistant Sterling Silver, ear wires are sterling silver.

Turquoise Godess Amulet - turquoise rainbow  moonstone . Dona Miller Designs, LLC

Goddess Amulet – SOLD
What happens when you bring together two stones know for spiritual attunement? You get a powerful amulet in a small package. Fit for the goddess in all of us. To remind us of our truths. Who doesn’t need a little help on a daily basis?

This turquoise pendant is created with tarnish resistant sterling silver, Turquoise mined over 30 years ago, and accented with a Rainbow Moonstone.

Pendant is approximately 1” h x 5/8” w, chain is 18 inch. (Buyer has the option to change length of chain to 16 or 20 inch). Tarnish resistant Sterling Silver, Turquoise, Rainbow Moonstone. Sterling Silver chain.


Alliance - silver kyanite earrings. Dona Miller Designs, LLC

Alliance – SOLD

We live in a crazy world, and that is probably not going to change. Who couldn’t use a bit more connection and tranquility? This are some of the energies Kyanite brings in its rich blue hue.

Earrings are approximately 2 1/8” h x 3/4” w, the drop on the earring is 1 1/2” h x 3/4” w. Tarnish resistant Sterling Silver, Kyanite, the ear wires are sterling silver.