I have always loved asymmetry, especially when it comes to jewelry, and especially when it comes to earrings. It can be as simple as flipping the design for one earring or as bold as creating a post or one earring and a dramatic drop for the other.

Not everyone is comfortable wearing the bold jewelry we see on the run ways. And this year it is dramatic asymmetrical earrings, statement earrings, bold cuffs, bold necklaces and anklets. But we can add a hint of high style into our everyday life in a subtler way. We just need to experiment a little.

And honestly, not everyone feels comfortable wearing or even likes asymmetry. There is a lot to be said for symmetrical designs. I Iove symmetry too. Okay, I love jewelry in generally, big surprise there.

I was recently asked why I didn’t have more asymmetrical work in my collections. Well the truth is most people seem to be intrigued by asymmetrical designs, but many are not comfortable wearing them.

A number of times at shows I have had someone point out to me that a pair of earrings don’t match, “did someone switch them up?” Sometimes when we see something we are not expecting we assume it must be a is take. It is always fun to talk about asymmetrical design to people.

If you want to add in a little asymmetry to your look, give it a try. Start small. Purchase a pair of earrings where one is upside-down in design from the other. This will give them a different look but they are still symmetrical in size and weight. See how it feels to wear them. If you love wearing them, then next time you can be a bit bolder.

Most importantly, have fun with it. Find what feels good to you.

Happy experimenting!