Here are the pieces from the August Artisan Souls Gallery show. 

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Silver forest pendant with Manassas Turquoise and Jade by Dona Miller.

Into the Forest – SOLD

​Into the Forest I go… seeking peace… returning more centered and calm… being able to see more beauty… the cycles of nature… they cycles of life… letting go of the fear that can overwhelm.

Who doesn’t need to breathe and release the tension of the day, of the week, of the month, maybe the year?

The pendant is created with Manassas Turquoise from Colorado and Nephrite Jade. 


Large statement silver earrings by Dona Miller.

Growth – SOLD

Change surrounds us forcing us to grow as individuals and collectively. Sometimes painful, but always beautiful in the end. These earrings represent the growth we endure, taking us down different paths, and creating a beautiful landscape of our lives.

These earrings are created with tarnish resistant sterling silver. They are 2 ¼ inch total length and can go everywhere with you.


Silver turquoise amulet pendant with black onyx and red carnelian by Dona Miller.

Turquoise Goddess Amulet -SOLD

What happens when you bring together turquoise, onyx and carnelian? You get a powerful amulet in a small package fit for the goddess in all of us. To remind us of our truths, our strength and our beauty. Who doesn’t need a little help on a daily basis?

This turquoise pendant is created with tarnish resistant sterling silver, Turquoise mined over 30 years ago, and accented with an onyx and carnelian. 


Silver earrings honoring the blue moon and the dreams we keep by Dona Miller.

Moon Dreams – SOLD

Moon Dreams… Does the moon call to you? What do you dream about and wish for when you see her shining bright in the night sky?

Iolite is about breaking old patterns and overcoming fear.

Dream big.

The earrings are created from tarnish resistant Sterling Silver, are 1 1/2 inch total length, the drop is 1 1/8 inch long. Accented with Iolite.


Long silver post earrings with purple amethyst, drawing the lines by Dona Miller.

Peace – available at 4 Ravens Gallery

Have you ever wished for a moment of peace? For that quiet voice to speak? To feel grounded and yet inspired?

Amethyst is a stone of peace and intuition. And that beautiful deep color. A color one can sink into.

These earrings are created from tarnish resistant sterling silver. They are a total of 2 ¾ inches long. The drop is 2 ¼ inch long. Accented with Amethyst.