It is all fine and good to have your projects and tasks listed out. And even better if they are prioritized. But if you don’t or can’t act on them, then what was the point? To make you feel bad? NO.

Part 1 of this series was about getting all the information on paper. Part 2 was about splitting all these items into four buckets. Now we are going to act on these buckets.

The easiest one… you get to get rid of all the items that have a black “X”. Those items you have no idea why you are doing them. They don’t generate revenue, they don’t really fit in to where you are going, but you have felt guilty about crossing them off your list. Cross them off and get them gone.

Next up, the red “O”s. These are all ripe for someone else to do. These get outsourced. That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend big bucks on getting the work done. Can you trade tasks with someone? Is there someone in your household that is good at it and could do it for you? Even if they wouldn’t be quite as picky as you are. 80% is better than not at all.

Unfortunately, sometimes a couple of the red “O”s can’t get outsourced at this time and have to get moved to another list. That is okay. Just remember, outsourcing this work is where you want to get to. For me it is accounting. My husband is horrible with numbers so I still do this part, but I do pay someone to do the tax work for me. Eventually I hope to outsource more of the accounting work.

Now the Green “$” go to the front of the line and are followed by the blue “L”s. Ideally you would get all the green “$” done first and then move on to the blue “L”s, but we all know life doesn’t really work that way. Often those pesky blue “L”s have dates attached to them. And that is okay.

So bottom line. You want to put most of your time and effort into the green “$”. This is what is going to generate revenue and move you forward.

When a new task or project comes up, think about where it fits.

Good luck!