If you are like most people, you tend to do the easy and enjoyable tasks first. Which often means we don’t get to the difficult or ugly tasks.

So we are going to talk about prioritization. If you read and acted on part 1 of this series you already have a list of projects and tasks to do. However not every task and project are as important as the other items on the list. So what to do…

First, is there anything you are absolutely, irredeemable, totally and completely bad at? If so put a red “O” on it. Depending on your skillset, likes and personality, this might be accounting, organizing or photography.

Next, ask what should I be doing but it isn’t a revenue-generating activity. Put a blue “L” by these items. This could include items like social media, networking, or blogging.

Now is there anything on your list that you think you should be doing, but you are not really sure why? These get a black “X”. This could include all kinds of stuff and will be very different for each of us.

Lastly, the rest of the things left on your list should be directly related to generating revenue. They get a green “$”. Things like pricing, loading products on your website, creating samples…

Now go back through your lists. Does everything have a home? Is it in the correct home? Bet you see where this is going now don’t you.

Next time: Staying on Track (Part 3 – getting the work done)