Singular is our art jewelry collection made up of the Singular Art Series and Singular Companion Series. Each center piece stone for the Singular Art Series is individually selected by Dona for its shape, coloration, and story the stone tells. Dona then pairs the stone with accent stones to create each one of a kind art pendant or earrings

Singular Companion Series earrings, rings and bracelets are created using the accent stones from the art pieces created to allow for a mix and match look, with the Singular Art Series.

The pieces shown on this page are example pieces from the Singular Art Collection.

Heart of Home

Petrified Swamp Bog and Montana Sapphire

Mountain Lights

Indian Paint Rock (Porcelain Jasper) and Citrine

Flower Power

Poppy Jasper and Garnet

Blue Mustang Jasper and Aquamarine

Poppy Jasper and Garnet

Indian Paint Rock (Porcelain Jasper) and Amethyst

Tiffany Stone and Black Spinel

Bumble Bee Chalcedony and Amber

Blue Mustang Jasper and Aquamarine

Madagascar Ocean Jasper and Peach Moonstone