It is the time of year where ideas abound and I am trying to lock down my collections for spring and summer. This year I will have a couple of new collections that will be heading towards stores. How is a collection planned and created? Well this is the story of one collection – The Shadow Collection.

It all starts on paper with some sketching which occasionally resembles the final pieces. For this collection it started even before I got to paper. This one evolved out of the lunar earrings I have been making for a couple of years now. I have always wanted to expand these into a full collection but nothing ever seemed to come together in my mind. I love the look of mixed metals of the Lunar earrings so I wanted the collection to have that along with solid silver pieces. So I started playing with combining of metals and texture.

Here are my sketches with some calculations (which were not correct) for the blanks I would need to cut to create the samples. In the pictures you can see how they progress – All the blanks are cut, they are textured, shaped and polished and finally assembled into the individual pieces. BAM – there is the first pass of the collection, hopefully.

Things always change a bit as the pieces come together and adjustments are made to match the vision of the collection. The final step is getting pictures take of each of the pieces.

I am really excited about this collection as is bold and striking.