Most of us are aware to use a cutting lubricant like BurLife on our saw blades, but did you know it can and should be used in all metal cutting processes?

Saw blades. Using a lubricant will prolong the life of the blades. It will stop chatter and will make cutting the metal easier.

Burs. Same applies to any of your burs, whether you are drilling a hole, cutting a seat for a stone or cutting in texture, using a lubricant will help make the process smoother.

burlife and saw example

Cutters. If you use a disc cutter, or some other shape of cutter, using a lubricant on the punch will prolong the life of the punch, keeping it sharp, as well as make it smoother to punch through the metal.

Files. Yes, even files. It will keep them sharp longer. It will also help keep them cleaner.

I use BurLife in liquid and wax form. It also comes in a paste form. I tend to use the liquid on my files as it is easier and less messy to apply. Some people prefer to use the paste on their burs, but I just use the wax as I do for my disc cutter and saw blades.

A lubricant can make your studio work easier and your tools will last long which is always a good thing in my book.