Whenever I am asked how I create my collections I sort of scratch my head on how to answer. It isn’t a set process. But here is what generally happens and how the collection I am working on right now came to be.

First let me say that collections are what I see most of the artists that take my classes struggle with. How to build a body of work that works together, looks like it belongs together without out being overly matchy-matchy, and how to expand that body of work over time.

Each year I usually do a number of art shows. I like doing these shows as I get to meet all of you in person and see your responses to my work first hand. I generally create mainly one of a kind pieces for these shows.

When creating some of these pieces I am trying to push my creativity, others I am just letting my creativity be free when creating. When I say I am trying to push my creativity, that often means I am working with something I don’t generally incorporate into my work. It could be as simple as a different weight of metal, a new shape or a new stone cut or setting. The important part is pushing myself to make 30 or so pieces, all different, using that element. And some of these never make it outside of my studio as they just don’t make the cut.

Sometimes I have an idea for a collection but don’t really know where it wants to go. So I will create a few pieces incorporating the ideas and see what happens. Once in a while a piece or a couple pieces come together and I know I want to develop around them to make a new collection.

From there I look at the defining elements that make up the pieces and start working with those to see if I can create a cohesive body of work that will work as a collection. Then I select a few of those pieces to be the initial collection and build from there.

Sometimes this whole process starts from a large piece, sometimes from just a small pair of earrings. For the collection I am working on right now, it all started with the panel necklace in the picture. I then took the amethyst stones, the accent lines and the triangles as the central defining components. All the triangles in the collection are balanced, but where in the panel necklace they are wider than they are tall, many of pieces have triangles that are much taller than they are wide.

As I finish off making the pieces and we get them photographed you will see these new pieces popping up on my website. But here are a few samples for now…