With all the Fashion Weeks happening around the world, it is always interesting to see what the different designers put on the runway. And as usual, they aren’t disappointing us this year with their “artistic flare”. From “take your bed with you” looks to “carrying your own head around” there were definitely some eye catchers strutting down the runways.

Fashion as art has always intrigued me. No, most of us will never wear “fashion art”, the closest some of us will ever get will be “accessory art”, and many people are not comfortable with wearing “art” at all.

So what is the point?

It gives designers a way to push boundaries. To explore new textiles, new ideas, push the limits of their and their audiences’ imagination. And make statements about the world we live in. And isn’t that what art really is, a reflection of ourselves in the world. We might not be able to relate to each piece, or even like it, but someone does.

What does this mean for those of us who purchase our fashion in the stores and boutiques? You will start to see the shapes, textures, colors, proportions and lines that ran through the runway collections showing up in the ready to wear collections in the stores.

It’s really not so different from what we do as jewelry designers. We will often design an over the top piece that sparks the lines, textures and colors that flow into a collection. The big piece is the eye catcher, the one that grabs attention. The rest of the pieces have the same feel, but are smaller, more wearable on a daily basis.

These big pieces are where we get to experiment as a jewelry designer. We get to try different stones, metals, colors, textures, techniques, and combinations that generally are not included in our work. It feeds the creative side, and inspires the design work that goes into our collections.