Cherished Paws Charms

Pets leave footprints in our hearts and all too often holes in our lives when they cross the Rainbow Bridge. These charms are in honor of all our beloved pets. Available with birthstones of each month as well as a Rescue charm with opal, each is available in both round and flower charm. A percentage of all sales goes to an Animal Rescue Organization.

Available as individual charms. Each charm is hand crafted individually. 

Charms are available on leather necklaces. Leather is 36 inches and tied as a 30 inch necklace – adjustable. 

Charms are available on 18 inch sterling silver chain. 

Available on 8 inch sterling bracelet chain.


All pieces come carded and are available in sets. 

Charms can be combined to create a unique piece, telling an  individual’s story.