It is amazing how life has its own agenda. When I started my jewelry business, I really hadn’t gone back to making jewelry to sell it. It just evolved. Now I find myself here in this beautiful showroom.

This dream started a couple of years ago when a number of us came together to help each other out with our businesses. The idea of a joint showroom came up early on and the idea grew from there until we realized it was possible.

We all worked together to help each other, getting our collections ready, marketing ready, contracts worked through, and ordering of furniture and display units.

Most of us were able to come into Atlanta early to help with the build up out of the furniture and displays.

And here we are…

We started with lots of boxes and crates and an empty showroom.

Then there was lots of work building out all the furniture and display units. Then the hard part began, setting up all the displays… yea, okay, that was the fun part for most of us.

And after three days of work we each had our display area complete and ready for buyers.

Many people asked me how it was going to work with 18 women artists in the room. Even though most of us had never met in person, we have been working together for a couple of years. It was like seeing old friends. And it is working quite well. Now we just need to sell lots.